Miracle of Islam blog Informs you about miracle of Islam, miracle of Quran, miracle of Allah including name of Allah, holy Quran, Muhammad, malaika, satan, qiamah or end of the days, sura, aayah, life and dead. I know some people especially non Moslem will confuse about the content of Miracle of Islam.

I have written the content of Miracle of Islam based on the Holy Quran while it has been revealed centuries ago (directly or through other appropriate sites). Many ayaah of Quran are accordance with scientific invents and discoveries (it's one of Miracle of Islam). But please don't get me wrong..!! In this case I don't mean to place holy Quran and those scientific invents and discoveries at same level. We all know The Holy Quran is absolutely Words of God (Allah) and those scientific discoveries are relatively invented by human being.

Moslems believe Quran itself is a Miracle of Islam. The miracle of Quran represents on many things i.e. sky, moon, star, wind, biology, animals, plant, flower, etc.

I hope we can take good lessons from The Holy Quran for our life, education, ethics (ahlaq), and etc. and all people in the world will also see the Miracle of Islam or The Miracle of Quran.