Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Moving Leaf

When we travel to a forest, mountain, or a village there are still a lot of trees, of course we will not loose sight of trees, grass, leaves, and other natural phenomena. The following story is a true story witnessed by Ustadz Sharif Suhendar and Saeful Rohman (Master SAE) when traveling to one location in Rancaupas Bandung West Java Indonesia.

They watched a leaf that does not stop moving even though there was no wind. This is different from other leaves that only move when there was a breeze that touches the leaves. The leaf could also be held for a while, but after being released, the leaf is moving back to normal (moving on without stopping).

Although no direct research on this incident but based on modern science, it can certainly be a normal phenomenon just like the theory of aero dynamics. A Muslim may claim that it is (a moving leaf) is one of power and miracles of God, but only within reasonable limits as a form of self-introspection of obedience to Allah. Do not let this incident make calamity by making the leaf as offerings or by performing special worship and prayer around the leaf.

A Muslim must make natural phenomena like that to further examine the science to support, develop, and improve the technology without leaving obedience to God.

Nerves Human Brain

In the human body consists of many organs, each of which has its own function that is needed for mankind to live. Every organ of the body moves and works automatically tirelessly even many organs work outside of human consciousness as when humans sleep. Subhanallah.

A doctor from the United States which has now been converted to Islam was convinced of the truth of the Qur'an that he may make the diagnosis of a disease and its treatment process was much based on the Koran. Among the methods of treatment that he did was to fast, drink honey and black seeds.

The reason he converted to Islam is actually quite simple, but behind the simplicity of it, God has lowered guidance to him through a study he did. When that conduct studies on human nerve, there are some veins in the brain that are not laden blood entered. In fact, every human organ and nerve need at blood to function properly.

He found the answer, that the blood will not enter the human brain but when prostrating, when the man of prayer (Sholat). Nerve blood flow requires only a moment, about the time it takes to pray. Subhanallah.It can be argued that people who do not pray will get blood flow to the nerve is less.

How noble and how great Allah is, god of the universe. He has created man and obliging people (Muslims) to pray and worship God the almighty one through prayer (Sholat).