Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prophet Noah in Holy Quran

Ark of Noah
In the Quran, the Prophet Noah as one of the five greatest prophets has a very special role to do what is commanded by God through revelation. God sent Noah to warn people to repent and stop worshiping idols, and must immediately return to the rule of God because if not, God will give the punishment as punishment for their behavior.

After all this time Noah tried constantly warned them to repent, then God ordered Noah to build an ark to save himself and his Umat (people) and each pair of animals. Those who are saved are the people who were given the correct rights through good behavior, but one of Noah's son did not get that right and left. (Photo from : AnswerInGenesis)

In confronting the various insults and contumely, prophet Noah completed building an ark on the mountain. Soon after building the, Allah created the great flood that inundated the entire country, so no one can be saved except those who have been on the ark

It happened because of Noah's generation who worship the statues that they called gods. They believed that the gods will bring good for them, protect them from evil and provide all their needs. They give names for their idols such as devout people who have died before then they perpetuate by making these sculptures.

Ibn Abbas explained: "After the death of the righteous, the devil whispered to his people to build statues in places where they used to sit They're doing this. But this does not worship the statue until the coming generations deviated from the true path from life. Then they worship them as their idols. "

Distrust Allah is a big tragedy that not only the loss of freedom, which reached a serious effect and destroy the human mind as well. Allah Almighty created man and his mind with the goals set at the most important achievement is the knowledge that God alone is the Creator and all the rest are slaves. Therefore, disbelief in Allah, or polytheism, will result in the loss of freedom, the destruction of the mind, and the absence of noble goals in life.

Remember, Allah will give punishment to rebellious people in that environment even though there are those who obey, But He (Allah) always gives warning first through his Prophet and Rosul. Now those warnings can be clearly we know through the Holy Qur'an.

Hopefully we do not include people who are rebellious. Amin