Thursday, September 27, 2012

Effect of Innocence of Muslims

We know that the film Innocence of Muslims is increasingly popular, not because of the quality of the film but because of the content of the film can be interpreted very insulting Muslims, while the number of Muslims in the world is very much, in fact in every country there must be people who are Muslims.

At first glance, the title of the film is quite good, but it does not match the content of the film obviously has been harassing and insulting prophet Muhammad. The man noblest for Muslims who was commissioned by God to convey Islam through the Quran.

The release of the film greatly affected the lives of every country in the world, especially in Muslim-majority countries. This of course will also affect the non-Muslim countries including will affect the social, economic, and political. Would this be allowed? So that it could damage relations between countries?

We can see through the various media of information that almost in every country there were demonstrations condemning the release of the film Innocence of Muslims. Many U.S. embassy destroyed by those who feel hurt. The majority of them are demanding that the cast and director of the film Innocence of Muslims punished, even among those who demanded the death penalty there.

Events like this should be a lesson for all countries in the world when they will create a product to the public, whatever. They can not be concerned with its own interests but in the era of globalization with the advanced technology they must also consider the interests of other nations that have different cultures and beliefs. Why? The short answer, to create and maintain world peace.

This incident could have been due to the lack of control of the parties in a particular country, or it could be because it is too lax rules are applied, or maybe there is not a rule that addresses this issue. We certainly want peace, and peace will be created by respecting the rights and beliefs of others, rather than destroying it. Hopefully events like this do not happen again. Amen.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Innocence of Muslims according to the view of Islam

Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said the United States and the West must stand up and admit they were involved in the filming of 'Innocence of Muslims'. According to Khamenei, if it is not involved in the filming of the mematik massive protests in several Muslim countries, the U.S. and the West must be able to prove it.

"They must have the courage to prove if they are not involved in the production of anti-Islam film.'s Not just with words," Khamenei said on Monday (17/9) as quoted by Press TV. (

Indonesian Ulema Council issued a fatwa against the movie The Innocence of Muslims are considered as blasphemy against Islam. However MUI reminds Muslims that film did not respond emotionally, let alone to disturb the public interest. (

Later recognition of the cast of the film Innocence of Muslims, it is known that at first the concept of the film is a genre of drama with the title Desert Warriors. The film itself should tell you about ancient events that happened two thousand years ago.

The cast of the film also felt shocked after writing a script that changed drastically. If at the time of shooting, Muhammad is called by the name of "Master George" and after the controversial film was produced, the voice began to play a role. With the release of the film Innocence of Muslims are attacking Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad made ​​the cast feel have been lied to by sutradra film is none other than Sam Bacile figure. (

Los Angeles - An actress who appeared in the movie trailer anti-Islam filmmaker sued for alleged fraud and slander. He also asked the judge to order YouTube remove the film.

Cindy Lee Garcia filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles court. He admitted that he cheated by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind the Innocence of Muslims. He did not realize there was an anti-Islamic content in the film, showing the pages of a movie script he received did not mention the Prophet Muhammad, religion, or sexual content. (

From some of the above articles which quoted from several sources can be concluded that the Muslims in the world are very upset and felt humiliated by the movie "Innocence of Muslims". Of course, since the content of the film is extremely insulting the prophet Muhammad as a messenger of God. If the film is not depict the prophet Muhammad, Muslims may not be angry like this. People from any religious would be also offended and would be angry if they witness an insult to their prophet through the film.

Islam prohibits physical of prophet muhammad shown in the film though in a good way, but when examined physical figure of the prophet muhammad is the most easily shown or portrayed as evidence that describes the physical state and his morals.

A police officer who identifies the face of a terrorist can easily sketch their faces just hearing the explanation of the eyewitness. Of course they certainly will easily sketch Muhammad face. Then why Islam forbade?

If we read one verse in the Qur'an (Albaqarah) that reported the people of the Prophet Moses had once worshiped the calf when abandoned temporarily by the prophet Moses. They become the people who are disobedient. It can also occur to the Muslims if the physical form of prophet Muhammad made ​​through film, painting, or sculpture. It's not impossible many human beings will worship the image of Muhammad. Though human beings are commanded to imitate the noble spirit by running a religious order who brought the Prophet Muhammad and not to worship the image of the prophet Muhammad.

Never mind the statues of prophet Muhammad, the Kaaba was to be worshiped by some Muslims who do not understand the true of Islam. Muslims are forbidden to worship the Kaaba or other objects, humans are commanded to bow down and worship the one God almighty, creator of heaven and earth.

Imagine if Muslims allow them to make a statue of Muhammad and make movies like Innocence of Muslims? It's not impossible the people will be made ​​other objects of the prophet Muhammad as the prophet Muhammad stickers, paintings of prophet Muhammad, cartoons of prophet Muhammad which later can lead to contempt and ridicule of Muslims.That is one reason that we should not make physical forms of prophet Muhammad.

Who is the prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Muhammad was a man sent from God as a Prophet who brought grace and guidance to mankind. Prophet Muhammad is derived from the tribe of Quraish, precisely Hashim descent. His father was Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib, the grandson of Hashim. His mother is Aminah bint Wahb derived from the descendants of Bani Venus, one of the tribes of Quraish.

The Prophet Muhammad is the noblest in the world, he is very obedient worship and always give examples of good deeds for humanity. All his actions are always protected by God so that is always preserved from bad deeds.

Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger who brought the Qur'an as a torch and a hint of human life that contains wisdom, history, worship, and law. Anyone who is obedient to Allah and to live up to the example of Muhammad, then he will not grief and sorrow, and his life will be safe in this world and in the hereafter.

In essence, Muhammad also was a man who had a habit and feeling like a human being, such as hunger, thirst, and drowsiness. During his lifetime he never lied and cheated, even against enemies though. That is why he is the most precious in the world.

Al Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad but Muhammad is not the author and the of the Qur'an. Prophet Muhammad is a umi that can not read and write. Does it make sense if the Qur'an is his creation? Is the situation such that he could put together word by word meaning can be outside, and set up a law without the need to learn?

Annisa 83

Will they not, then, meditate upon the Qur’an? Had it been from anyone other than Allah, they would surely have found therein much disagreement. (Quran Sura Annisa:83)

Terrorists in Indonesia

Lately, a lot happens terror bombings in Indonesia caused by terrorists who consider themselves Muslims but this does not mean that Indonesia is a country of terrorists. The Indonesian government continues to combat acts of terror perpetrated by the terrorists. Indonesia Muslims hate terrorist acts committed in the name of jihad. The suicide bombers and terror in Indonesia is carried out by people who are not responsible and the name of Islam as an act of jihad.

Terrorism in Indonesia is an Indonesian terrorism carried out by Jemaah Islamiyah militant group associated with al-Qaeda or militant groups that use the same ideology with them. Since 2002, several "target Western countries" have been attacked. Casualties were Western tourists as well as residents of Indonesia. Terrorism in Indonesia began in 2000 with the bombing Jakarta Stock Exchange, followed by four other major attacks, the most deadly was the 2002 Bali bombings. (Wikipedia)

Long before 11 September that Indonesia has suffered a series of terrorist attacks as terrorist acts that occurred from 2000-2001. It entered a series of explosions in the seven major cities that targeted churches on Christmas Day 2000 and some of the common areas (such as shopping centers and squares, and buildings Jakarta Stock Exchange). There are many victims, though not the same number in the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Actually the terrorists in Indonesia are the people who want to destroy Indonesia, they deliberately pose as Muslims to cause defamation against Muslims in Indonesia. They live normal and ethically so as not to arouse suspicion surrounding communities. They were only discovered after a suicide bombing carried out as an act of jihad.

The Indonesian government itself has several times foiled their plans and arrested the people involved in terror as evidence that Indonesia is not silent and Indonesia also hate terrorists. The world should know that!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jihad in Islam

Jihad is one of the most important Islamic syi'ar and is the pinnacle of glory. Position jihad in the religion is very important and is always maintained. Jihad fii sabiilillaah remain until the Day of Resurrection.

Once the popularity of jihad in the world to the extent that many people misunderstand jihad. They regard jihad with war, but jihad in Islam is not synonymous with war especially with mischief. Islam does not hate the non-Muslims, but why do so many people consider those who commit terror is mujahhid (the jihad). It is a wrong assumption.

The term "Jihad" is also used to fight against the passions, Shaytan, and people who fasiq (those who do evil and terror). The way fight lust is to learn Islam (learn properly), and then practice it and then teach it. The jihad against Shaytan to reject all forms of doubtful and lust are always decorated by Shaytan. Jihad against the infidel by hand, treasure, oral, and liver. The jihad against the people fasiq by hand, oral and heart.

Jihad means to struggle in earnest in the way of Allah with all the capabilities of both the treasure, soul, spoken, like any other. Jihad is primarily intended for the defense of the oppressed.

Annisa 75

And what is the matter with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah and of the weak — men, women and children — who say, ‘Our Lord, take us out of this town, whose people are oppressors, and make for us some friend from Thyself, and make for us from Thyself some helper?’ (Quran 4:76)

Historically, Islam never teaches enmity and destruction. Islam only defend themselves if the oppressed and persecuted. So if there are people who deliberately bombed churches, synagogues, mosques (whether Sunni or Shia), they would not believe and practice the Word of God above. Imagine if all the reciprocal destroyed the houses of worship of the other, how we all can worship in peace?

Jihad is a commandment of God in the Qur'an to uphold the rights and defeat falsehood. To protect people, the oppressed from those who oppress zhalim / slaughter.

Terrorism can not be categorized as a Jihad; Jihad in the form of war must be clear which parties were involved in the war, like the war of the Prophet Muhammad who represents Makkah and Madinah against its allies. The reason for the war was mainly triggered by the tyranny of the Quraysh who violate the right to life of the Muslims who were in Makkah (including seizure of property and the expulsion of the Muslims).

War in the name of Islam, but not enforcement follow Sunnah can not be called Jihad. Sunnah to enforce Islam begins preaching nonviolence!, Not in the form of terrorism, move to a safe area and receive missionary apostle, then actualize the Islamic community (Ummah), which aims to uphold God's power on earth. (Wikipedia)

Terrorism in view of Islam

According to the language, terrorism is the use of violence to instill fear, in an attempt to achieve a goal (especially political objectives), while the terrorist is a person who uses violence to create fear (usually for political purposes).

Islam is a religion which Allah approves, as a guide for mankind in achieving happiness in the world we are living now, and happiness in the life hereafter.

Allah has sent Prophet Muhammad with the religion of Islam to mankind as a mercy, and it is a great pleasure for humans not to bring destruction and disaster. Allah says:

Alanbiya 107

And We have sent thee not but as a mercy for all peoples. (Quran Sura Al-Anbiya:108)

From this verse, we can conclude that Islam is not a religion but aimed at undermining Islam is a good religion for all men according to the noble attitude of the Prophet Muhammad.

If someone claiming Muslims do terror and mischief that harms others, it does not mean Islam religion of terror but the people that have committed terror, and Islam itself hates terror even the person should be punished.

If many criminals come from diverse Muslim-majority nation, we can not claim that in Islam a lot of criminals. Because it can also occur in the predominantly Christian or Buddhist, which of course criminals from the country will be mostly Christian or Buddhist.

Inappropriate they call infidels against brother and his own family. If your (non-Muslims) claim these people as terrorists, Islam also considers them as terrorists, so Islam is not synonymous with terrorists.

Islam is a sacred religion of peace and love. In the teachings of Islam act of terrorism itself prohibited even threatened with a painful punishment for the perpetrators.

If there are Muslims who commit terror and to do a variety of damage that harms others, these people do not actually understand the true teachings of Islam. They are still terrorists even utter the phrase Allahu Akbar and claiming to represent Islam.