Monday, September 24, 2012

Terrorism in view of Islam

According to the language, terrorism is the use of violence to instill fear, in an attempt to achieve a goal (especially political objectives), while the terrorist is a person who uses violence to create fear (usually for political purposes).

Islam is a religion which Allah approves, as a guide for mankind in achieving happiness in the world we are living now, and happiness in the life hereafter.

Allah has sent Prophet Muhammad with the religion of Islam to mankind as a mercy, and it is a great pleasure for humans not to bring destruction and disaster. Allah says:

Alanbiya 107

And We have sent thee not but as a mercy for all peoples. (Quran Sura Al-Anbiya:108)

From this verse, we can conclude that Islam is not a religion but aimed at undermining Islam is a good religion for all men according to the noble attitude of the Prophet Muhammad.

If someone claiming Muslims do terror and mischief that harms others, it does not mean Islam religion of terror but the people that have committed terror, and Islam itself hates terror even the person should be punished.

If many criminals come from diverse Muslim-majority nation, we can not claim that in Islam a lot of criminals. Because it can also occur in the predominantly Christian or Buddhist, which of course criminals from the country will be mostly Christian or Buddhist.

Inappropriate they call infidels against brother and his own family. If your (non-Muslims) claim these people as terrorists, Islam also considers them as terrorists, so Islam is not synonymous with terrorists.

Islam is a sacred religion of peace and love. In the teachings of Islam act of terrorism itself prohibited even threatened with a painful punishment for the perpetrators.

If there are Muslims who commit terror and to do a variety of damage that harms others, these people do not actually understand the true teachings of Islam. They are still terrorists even utter the phrase Allahu Akbar and claiming to represent Islam.