Sunday, August 26, 2012

Zam-zam, Holy Water in Mecca

For the Muslims Zam-zam water is already very familiar. This water has so many virtues. Prophet Muhammad has described the water utility. He said, "The best water on earth is the Zam-zam, at which there is a glut of food and antidote to the disease." (see Saheeh wa Targhib Tarheeb, Shaykh al-Albani, 2/18). What is the secret behind the holy water has many benefits and full of blessings?

Many people have the privilege of documenting water that only in the holy land of Mecca. However, not many know about the other features in addition to the story relating to the discharge of water when Siti Hajar greatly in need of water.

At that time the Prophet Ibrahim, who had departed to the land of Sham at God's command was forced to leave his wife Hajar and their baby Ishmael in a barren valley of Mecca. A bag of dates and water left for them both out after 2 days. When feeling thirsty and crying baby Ishmael, Hagar confused.

Run beat Siti Shafa hill looking across the water and returned to Mount Marwah. But the water was looking neither found. But in the seventh round after a back and forth Safa and Marwah, Siti Hajar slumped beside her baby. Suddenly the ground seat Ismail who was crying robust stamped his feet as he came out of water. The mother who was shocked spontaneously exclaimed, "Zummi, zummi" (gathering, gathering). From this story comes the word of zam-zam.

Center zam-zam water wells are located in Desert Saudi Arabia and by satellite photographs apparently connected with the Red Sea were united into a single point at the bottom of the Kaaba. Zam-zam water has a lot of properties and has many mysteries. There was not many know how to zam-zam well could spend tens of millions of liters in one pilgrimage season, without ever even once dried.

Zam-Zam word in Arabic means a lot or overflow (Ibn al-Athir, 5/605, 2/779; al Mutli `'ala Abwabul-Fiqh, Abu Fath al Ba'li, page 200; Dictionary Al Munawir, 583) . The water of Zam-Zam is meant by the Shari'ah, the water from the well of Zam-Zam. It is the Kaaba, within about 38 feet.

Another name of Zam-Zam water include Barrah (goodness), madhmunah (valuable), taktumu (hidden), hazmah Gabriel (Jibril excavation), syifa `suqim (medicine), tha'amu tu'im (food ), syarabul abrar (drink the good people), tayyibah (which is good).

How much Zam-zam water that drained every pilgrimage season? Let us count the simple. Pilgrims who come from all over the world on every pilgrimage season today numbering about two million people. All the pilgrims were given five liters of zam-zam water when they got their home later to their homeland. If two million people take each five liters of zam-zam to his country, that is 10 million liters. Besides, while in Mecca, if only pilgrims stayed an average of 25 days, and each person spent 1 liter a day, the total was 50 million liters. This is just an illustration, how amazing is this Zam-zam water for human consumption, without ever dry. This is just one of the miracle of Zam-zam. Subhaanallah.

Masaru Emoto
Dr. Masaru Emoto explained that the water is able to record a message, such as magnetic tape or compact disc. The stronger the concentration of its message, the more the message printed on the water. Water can transfer the message via a water molecule to another.

Perhaps these findings could explain why water that has been prayed can heal the sick. First we consider musyrik, or at least we think is just a suggestion, but it turns out that water molecules capture messages of healing prayer, save it, and then the vibration propagates to other water molecules in the body of the patient.

The human body contains 75% of water, brain 74.5% of water, blood 82% of water, and hard bone also contains 22% of water. Gallons of water at home can be every day prayed to God with humility, so that children who drink pious, healthy, and smart, and the husband who drank remained loyal. Water was going to proceed forward in the body of a message to the water in the brain and blood vessels. With God's permission, the message body will be carried out without our knowing. When the drinking water in a city seriously prayed for piety, God willing, all the people who drink it will be good.

At a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dr. Masaru Emoto from Yokohama University, Japan, presented the results of his research on water he wrote in the book "The True Power of Water." Some slides crystal water molecules from different sources, such as water from a spring, river, ocean, lake, etc. screened on the occasion.

Some of the water molecules form irregular examined, except zam-zam water molecules. The composition of zam-zam water molecules possessing very beautiful, orderly, beautiful like a sparkling diamond, and emit more than 12 colors if frozen.

Below is a picture of the molecule or crystal Zam-zam water, the series of hexagonal shape is very beautiful, sparkling bright and colorful when recited the noble verse.

Zam-zam Water