Thursday, September 27, 2012

Effect of Innocence of Muslims

We know that the film Innocence of Muslims is increasingly popular, not because of the quality of the film but because of the content of the film can be interpreted very insulting Muslims, while the number of Muslims in the world is very much, in fact in every country there must be people who are Muslims.

At first glance, the title of the film is quite good, but it does not match the content of the film obviously has been harassing and insulting prophet Muhammad. The man noblest for Muslims who was commissioned by God to convey Islam through the Quran.

The release of the film greatly affected the lives of every country in the world, especially in Muslim-majority countries. This of course will also affect the non-Muslim countries including will affect the social, economic, and political. Would this be allowed? So that it could damage relations between countries?

We can see through the various media of information that almost in every country there were demonstrations condemning the release of the film Innocence of Muslims. Many U.S. embassy destroyed by those who feel hurt. The majority of them are demanding that the cast and director of the film Innocence of Muslims punished, even among those who demanded the death penalty there.

Events like this should be a lesson for all countries in the world when they will create a product to the public, whatever. They can not be concerned with its own interests but in the era of globalization with the advanced technology they must also consider the interests of other nations that have different cultures and beliefs. Why? The short answer, to create and maintain world peace.

This incident could have been due to the lack of control of the parties in a particular country, or it could be because it is too lax rules are applied, or maybe there is not a rule that addresses this issue. We certainly want peace, and peace will be created by respecting the rights and beliefs of others, rather than destroying it. Hopefully events like this do not happen again. Amen.