Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fresh Water in Ocean Depth

Miracle of Islam One of the nature of the oceans that scientists recently found have been revealed in one verse of the Holy Quran (QS-Ar-Rahman: 19-20) as follows : He let the two seas flow, both the meet, (but) between them, there is a limit which can not be passed by each.

Nature of this sea, namely meet each other, but not mixed with each other at all, just found by expert sea. Because the style of physics called "surface tension", waters in the sea close together will not be mixed. Because of the differences caused by the thickness of water, the voltage prevent the surface ocean are both mixed with each other, as if have thin walls in between them.

Interestingly, in the period when people do not have any knowledge physics, surface tension or the ocean experts, this knowledge has been revealed in the Holy Quran.

Fresh Water in Ocean Depth
By: Ir. H. Bambang Pranggono, MBA.

He (Allah) let the two seas (adjoining), who is fresh fresh again and the other salty more bitter, and He made between them and the walls that impede the limit. "(QS Al-Furqan: 53)

If you include people who like watching television `Discovery 'surely know Mr.J acques Yves Costeau, he was a marine expert (oceanografer) and experts from France's leading dive. Parents who this blond white throughout his life to various dive base in the entire world's oceans and create a documentary film about the beauty of nature under the sea to watch millions of viewers around the world.

One day during the exploration under the sea, suddenly he found some of the fresh water-fresh, which is very tasty because it does not mix / do not merge with the salty sea water around it, seems to have a wall or membrane that restrict both.

Bizarre phenomena that make it's Mr. Costeau and encouraged to find out the cause separating fresh water from salt water in the middle of the ocean. He began thinking, perhaps the only halusinansi or Imagination during the dive. Continue to pass any time after the incident, but he never get a satisfactory answer about the odd phenomenon.

Until the day he was at a meeting with a Muslim professor, and he also told the bizarre phenomenon. Professor occur on the Al-Quran verses on meeting two seas (of Quran Suraa Ar-Rahman verse 19-20) which is often indentify Canal Suez. Paragraph that reads "Marajal bahraini yaltaqiyaan, bainahumaa barzakhun laa yabghiyaan ..." meaning "He let the two oceans meet, among them there is a limit that can not be penetrated." Then read a letter Al Quran paragraph 53 above. In addition, in some book of commentary, paragraph two of meeting but not mixed with sea water defined as the location of the river estuary, where the meeting occurred between the fresh water from rivers and salt water from the sea. However, the commentary does not explain the next paragraph of the letter of Ar-Rahman verse 22 that says "Yakhruju minhuma lu'lu wal marjaan` u "means" Exit from both marjan and pearls. " In fact in the mouth of the river is not found pearls.

Mr. Costeau wonders hearing verses of the Qur'an that, beyond his wondering see the miracle of the never seen the sea. The Quran is impossible prepared by Muhammad who lived in the seventh century, a period when there is no suit the sophisticated equipment to reach remote locations that are far in the ocean depths. Truly a miracle, the news about the bizarre phenomenon of the century 14 terbukti finally back on the 20th century. Mr. Costeau said that the Qur'an is truly holy book that contains the word of God, that all abortion is absolutely correct. With it also immediately embrace Islam.

Allahu Akbar ...! Mr. Hidayah Costeau get through oceanic phenomena technology. It is true that Almighty God is Great. Shadaqallahu Al `Azhim. He (Muhammad s.a.w) said: "Indeed, the human heart as it will rust (corrosive) the iron by water." When one asked, "Is how to make this carefully clean again?" He said, "Remember the dead and Always read Al Quran."

Trastaled from : Majalah Percikan Iman Issue 4 Year II.