Monday, September 26, 2011

Online Quran Project

Now many projects that relate to Al Islam developed online as an important information so that people will be more concerned about Al-Islam and the Quran, including the Power of God, prophets and the messengers.

One such project is the development of online quran (online quran project). Many site administrators have built an online Quran program with the aim that Muslims can more easily access the Holy Quran anytime and anywhere in the world through the internet

Online Quran Project developed extensively and continues to be refined as recicte Quran, Quran interpretation, recitation, online Quran classes, online Quran learning and Quran explorer. With Quran Explorer for example, people in Islam can search the Qur'an verses and sura easily while listening to the Qur'an online. Besides, listeners can learn to understand the Quran through online Quran translation in various languages ​​in the world. is one of the sites that provide online Quran with excellent facilities. Available voice can be heard directly, Qur'an Index based on the verses and suras, recite Quran in a variety of sound styles, and translations in various languages. We can download the program to run Quran in iPhone, iPad, and PC.

Here are some facilites at than we can access:
  1. Launch Quran Explorer
  2. Launch Hadith Explorer
  3. Quran / Tafsir Commentary
  4. Hadith
  5. Quran Search
  6. Your Quran Science
  7. Islamic Website
Language translation is available in Quran Explorer:
  1. Detsch
  2. English
  3. French
  4. Indonesia
  5. Malaysian
  6. Spanish
  7. Turkish
  8. Urdu
Quran Reciter Eplorer available at:
  1. Abdul Baasit
  2. As-Sudays Shraym
  3. Khalil Husari
  4. Mahmood Albana
  5. Mishari Rashid
  6. Saad Al Ghamdi
  7. One Bukhatir
  8. Sheikh Ahmed Ajmi
  9. Sheikh Minshawi
  10. Sheikh Al Huzaifi

Hopefully online Quran projects continues to be developed and refined for ease of understanding the Quran and as a suggestion dawah. Amin.