Monday, February 2, 2009

Scientific Miracle of Qur'an

Miracle of QuranThe Holy Quran is the word of God (Allah) in which many are the miracles that prove this fact. One is the fact that a number of scientific truth that we are only able to express the technology of 20th century that have been expressed about the Quran 1400 years ago. However, the Qur'an, of course, is not a book of science. However, a number of verses in many scientific facts that are expressed very accurate and correct the new technology can be found with the 20th century. Facts of this can not be in the inspiration of the Holy Qur'an, and this would suggest that the Quran is the word of God (Allah).

14 centuries ago, God sent down the book of Holy Qur'an to mankind as a book of guidelines. He was called to order people to keep this book as a way to get the truth. Began when it was revealed during the court to so later, this holy book will be eternal as the only guide for humanity.

Uslub style and the height of wisdom that there is no competitor in this book is proof that it is very clear that God is holy Kalam. In addition, this book contains features that prove the miracle is that it was holy revelation from God. One of the characteristics is the fact that a number of scientific truth that is only capable disingkap through technological progress in the 20th century this was in fact also expressed in the Al-Qur'an 1400 years old.

Certainly, Al-Qur'an is not a book of science. However, many scientific facts which stated clearly and in a way that is very fundamental in the surah only able to be learned through technological sophistication 20th century. All of this fact is not known when the revelation, and this decrease is also evidence that Holy Quran is wor of God.

To understand the scientific miracle of Quran, the first phase we will see where the progress of science when this holy book was revealed.

At the 7 th century, when the Holy Quran revealed. Arab community has also had the trust and the myth that is not founded in relation to scientific issues. Kedaifan technology equipment to investigate the universe and the earth, causing people to believe this legend inherited from generation to generation, they claimed as an example, that the mountains suported the sky the sky, they believed that the earth is flat and that there are mountains High is located in each edges. They believed that the mountain is the pillar of the dome of heaven above.

But, all trust this myth society Arab rejected by Holy Quran. In Surah Ar-Ra'd to paragraph 2 stated: God that He raised ceiling without this pillar of Paragraph have faith that the sky above the mountain range of mountains endorsement. In many other subject, important facts which have been declared when there is no one who can find out.

The Holy Quran was revealed only when people know a bit about astronomy, biology or Physics which contains numerous facts about the subject, such as the creation of the universe, human beings, atmosfeer structure and balance that allowed life on earth. Now, let's see some scientific miracles stated in the holy book of Quran together.

Translated from : Harun Yahya