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Divorce in Islam

Husband and Wife in Islam
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Divorce in Islam known as "talaq," which means "I divorce you", if a wife asks "talaq" to her husband then the term could be interpreted as "please divorce me!". Many non Muslims view that a Muslim man (who is married) can dissolve the marriage at any time by telling his wife: "talaq, talaq, talaq 'on his own. And even that is not easy and simple in Islam because there are several processes that must be done as a form of responsibility of both parties according to the rules of Islamic law.

Divorce in Islam is legitimate even though God hates it. If there has been a divorce between a pairs of households (same partner) three times ("talaq" and "ruju") then there is no "ruju" (re-united) until one of them has remarried. If a husband says 'talaq' three times, the law remains the one time and they can do a "ruju" (unified return) until the limit of three times the divorce with the same partner.

"Talaq" a husband in Islam is not legally valid if the husband said when drunk or under emotional and angry. Divorce will only be considered valid and correct if in accordance with the rules of Islamic law and not according to their own passions and desires.

Definition of Divorce in Islam
In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad once said, "Actions kosher but most accursed of Allah is divorce." When the marriage is to make each person or married couples who feel a spiritual and physical torment caused by a common bond, it is permissible for them to do the farewell the household. Literally, the definition of divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond in religion and law.

But in Islam, the meaning of marriage is not as easy divorce. Many of the stages that must be passed when the divorce is really done. In Al-Quran sura Ath-thalaq, which is used as the Marriage Law. That divorce will only occur when there is a witness and go through three stages, namely a divorce, two divorces, and then divorce 3.

If a husband is furious with his wife so that ejected the word divorce, then it will not divorce occurred when there were no witnesses among them at the time spoken word. And that's not true when a husband in an unconscious condition, such as very angry and dark eyes were so outside the said divorce healthy mind and intention, it is considered will not divorce.

People's lives today are more modern and forward has eroded the sanctity of marriage. Divorce or separate beds so very apt to occur between pairs of households. There was no significant effort to continue to maintain Mahligai households that have been built. Need advice is perfect. Egocentric surrounding modern individuals have made the religious value no longer exceeds the value of worldly.

So, divorce can only occur when we want it to happen. So for you who always want to maintain your household. Never occurred to or intend to divorce yourself with your domestic partner. Remember! Each problem must have a way out of each.

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