Saturday, December 24, 2011

Muslim Dating Sites

Muslim Dating Sites
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Marriage is one of the special things in human life. Through human marriage can remain alive and continue life from generation to generation.

"Married" for a Muslim is obligatory, so we are obliged to find a mate in accordance with the rules of Islam exemplified by Sunnah Muhammad, although not all Muslims can find a partner (married) during his lifetime, but through an effort to get a mate has been fulfilled these obligations.

Although finding a good mate is not easy, but we are still obliged to try to keep getting our spouse through legal marriage according to Islamic religious law.

Now, through modern technology, there are many ways to get the couple live e.g. through the medium of dating in a newspaper or magazine, or can be through Muslim Dating Sites that provide facilities for that purpose.

Below are some Muslim Dating Sites that can be used to obtain a mate and hoping to get to the marriage to live together.

  1. is a Muslim matrimonial site providing Muslim singles with the largest selection of potential marriage partners.Their marriage service offers features such as free registration, free upload picture, Muslim chat, send text messages, e-cards and even SMS to potential Muslim brides or muslim grooms.
  2. is the leading and highly respected Muslim marriage site and Muslim matrimonial service, dedicated to Muslims seeking marriage. Thousands of Muslims are meeting their life partners through our site.

    On a Muslim can meet his or her life partner with safety and discretion. Muslims seeking marriage can search for FREE through thousands of profiles and view thousands of photos of other Muslims seeking marriage. is a global Muslim matrimonial service for Muslims. You can contact all members for Free, Reply to all Instant Messages for free, and enjoy unlimited search through thousands of profiles with photos. It is 100% free to join.
  3. Muslim&Single
    Muslim&Singles provide you with a unique place to met other British Muslim in otrder to find love and happiness. Muslim&Single launched in Jan 2011 to cater for the needs of the UK Muslim community only. It is a safe place to talk to & meet people from a similar background as yourself & that we can hopefully help you to find true love & happiness on your exciting journey Inshallah.
    This is the premiere matrimonial and personals site in the world to connect with, date and marry Muslim singles. have helped thousands of Muslim singles like yourself make the connection. Single muslim women and men join for dating, relationships, marriage and more in a safe and secure environment.
  5. is 100% FREE muslim matrimonial website to register and respond to ads. Post a profile, search a single muslim female or male, find a match, and respond. It's that simple to find your muslim wife or husband.'s service is restrictly for people who are seeking marriage or islamic social networking NOT for those who are seeking dating or un-islamic relationship.
Through these Islamic sites we can get a mate to come together to worship God and live as a peaceful family through marriage (InsyaAllah).

Thus generation of Muslims were expected to grow and become leaders who have an obligation as a caliph in the earth. Amin.