Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flying Dome, Is it a Miracle?

Flying DomeWe know that God is the creator of the whole universe, the giver of life, and ruler of all nature (the natural world and the supernatural). But this does not mean that all functions in the wonders of the world only because of God that makes the magic firsthand (though God is able to do it all), but sometimes it is people who make things like that to be considered a miracle of Islam with the goal-specific purpose, often misleading the Muslim faith itself. Why?

Try to write the phrase "Miracle of Islam" or "Miracle of God" in any search engines, you will definitely find a lot of the themes that discuss issues that include pictures, photos, videos. You can also go to youtube and write and look for the theme. There you will find a lot of videos about the Miracle of Islam and Miracle of Allah. 'As a Muslim, you try to think and observe the stuff, whether it is an engineering marvel or a human.

Through this short post I just wanted to share information about the lies that were associated with the "Miracle of Islam" or "Miracle of the Quran". Not all the stuff you've found are miracle that God created directly as a warning to humans or to show the wonders and power of God, but just a normal phenomenon which is considered as a great miracle.

You may notice one of the videos on youtube about "Flying Dome". Many people believe that it is a miracle that God directly created when it was all a lie that Muslims increasingly complacent. These are not means I do not believe in the power of
God and the truth of the Qur'an (Na'udzubillahi min dzalik) but rather to prudence. Do not let common sense be fooled by a special object regarded as a miracle of Islam.

It is a video recorded in one of the regions in Indonesia when it will put a mosque dome. They are used to utter the phrase "La ilaha illallah" when will raise the dome in place. Some time later this viseo distributed and claimed to be a miracle (not by the maker of the recording) but by others who do not know what exactly happened at that time.

I'm sure you must be familiar with the world-class magician David Covervil that can fly above the earth, but this is a trick where the straps would not look at a particular viewing position with a certain light conditions. That is a trick used when the magician world action fly in the sky. Don't you believe it?

One again, it is not means I do not believe in the power of God and the truth of the Qur'an (Na'udzubillahi min dzalik) but in the video I do not agree that the dome of the mosque was flying when it was pulled by a rope at the time of installation.

Of course it's up to you, believe it or not. I just want to remind that in the Qur'an Allah repeatedly tells us to think and have to seek knowledge. You are all my brothers so please correct me if I was wrong.