Monday, October 10, 2011

Verses of Holy Quran Appeared on Baby Skin

Quran on baby skin
One more phenomenon which can be witnessed by the human senses as one of the power of God, the verses of Holy Quran appeared on skin of a 9 months old baby in Dagestan Russia. Believe? Not important believe it or not, if it's true, it will appear the following question: How many people do not realize the power of God and the truth of the Qur'an? but even if it is not true magical event, no problem, because for a Muslim to believe in the power of God and the truth of the Qur'an does not require the wonderful things like that. It is enough faith in the hearts and carry out the commandments of God through the prophets and messengers.

This is not only the sign for existence of God, but there have been more signs discovered in nature. As an example, the word "Allah" in Arabic writing has discovered on the skin of several fish, on the skin of a cow, and even inside tomato and on a leaf; therefore we clearly see that almighty Allah reminds the creation to bow down and be rightous. Indeed Allah is the creator of mankind and all the universe. Wake up from Ignorance and believe in Allah (swt) 'God" as one and only God without any partner. Subhaanallah.

Could someone get a tattoo on the skin of a baby 9 months with no known parents? Is that really a tattoo ink? Does that paint a deliberately applied to the baby? It could be those who disbelieve think so because of their arrogance and hatred towards Islam, a religion that loves peace and hates damage to the earth.