Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Alim Software
The development of information technology and communication networks including the Internet encourage Muslims to participate in advancing human knowledge without forgetting his duty as a creature.

Technological developments should be able to make the Muslims closer to God, why? While maintaining the closeness to God, whatever the science and technology that man has acquired will not bring damage to the earth, but rather to maintain and protect mankind from natural disasters.

By utilizing the internet for example, Muslims can easily search for knowledge, build positive cooperation, and stay in touch in the Muslim community healthy and well through Islamic websites.

One example of Islamic websites that provide such services is This is different from the site like QuranPlayer and QuranExplorer more focused on the Quran. In (Alim Software) in addition to recite the Quran and translations in various languages ​​are also available information on the hadith, history, Arabic language lessons, Muslims Community, and other great services.

Here are some services available at Alim Software:
  1. Al-Qur'an
    - Al-Quran (Arabic)
    - Al-Quran Translations
    - Compare Translation
    - Al-Quran Tafsir
    - Al-Quran Subject Index
    - Al-Quran Structure
  2. Hadith
    - Abu Dawood
    - Al-Muwatta
    - Al-Qudsi
    - At-Tirmidhi
    - Fiqh-us-Sunnah
    - Sahih Al-Bukhari
    - Sahih Muslim
    - Hadith Narrator Index
    - Hadith Subject Index
  3. History
    - Stories of Prophets
    - Khalifa Abu Bakr
    - Khalifa Umar Bin Al-Khotb
    - Khalifa Uthman Bin Affan
    - Khalifa Ali Bin Abu Talib
    - Companion of The Prophets
  4. Community
  5. About Islam
    - Introduction to Islam
    - Introducing Islam
    - The World of Islam
    - Discover Islam Posters
  6. News and Views
  7. Learn Arabic
  8. Blog
  9. Widget