Friday, August 17, 2012

Online Quran Translation

Quran Translate
Al Quran is the Muslim holy book, it is important not only for Muslims but also very important to understand by all people in the world. Why? One of them now so that people do not regard Islam as a terosis, because Islam is not terrorism, Islam is not synonymous with war. Islam is a religion full of peace.

You are certainly right mind would not conclude a problem without knowing exactly what the problems faced by researching the issue. So it is with Islam, to understand Islam you have to know what Islam is. One of the easiest methods to understand Islam is to know the history of Islam and understand the contents of the Quran.

How can understand the Quran if you do not know the translation of the Qur'an itself, because the Koran (Quran) written in Arabic. Now, with advances in science and technology information can be compiled the Qur'an in a file or software that can be easily translated into various languages ​​in the world. Below are some Islamic sites that provide Online Translation Quran:
  1. The Glorious Qur'an 
  2. Qur'an
  3. Qur'an Explorer
  4. The Noble Qur'an
  5. Al-Islam
  6. Tanzil
  7. Dar-Us-Salam Publication
  8. English Translation of Al-Quran
  10. Al-Jannah